Dr. Joe Collins - Optometrist


We have our own optical laboratory so that your glasses can be made to meet the highest optical standards in a timely manner. One-day service is available in many cases. Because we stay on the cutting edge of technology, we can offer you everything you could possibly want in a lens. Ask about an anti-reflective coating that helps you see better when driving at night or polarized lenses for maximum sunglass comfort.

We offer our patients free lifetime adjustments. Just bring in your glasses and we will fine-tune the adjustment so your glasses will be comfortable and your vision clear. We also stand behind our prescriptions.


Optical Boutique

Our frame stylist will help you find the perfect size, shape, and color in your price range that you will love and look great in.

We feature collections from only the finest and most original eyewear designers, with more than a 1,000 frames to choose from! Throughout the year we search for creations in eyewear that are innovative, attractive, superbly crafted and will stand the test of time. Each collection has it's own unique personality and flavor.

At our Optical Boutique, we take real pride in knowing that our opticians are expertly trained in measuring and fitting you with the best choices in optics and lens technology. Tell us about your lifestyle needs for work and play and we'll make sure you get exactly what you need.

Because we believe in the quality of our frames, eyeglasses (excluding third party frames) carry a one-year guarantee against breakage at no additional charge. If your glasses break, under normal use, just return the broken parts and your glasses will be repaired or replaced for free.


Optical Laboratory

All of our Optical Boutique spectacles are crafted by hand in our state-of-the-art in-house laboratory. They are then passed through three check points for accuracy, precision, artistry, lens edge and design before they are considered complete.

Our onsite Laboratory allows us to have better, faster eyeglass lenses. We now offer the absolute latest in office lens fabrication. Most prescriptions can be done on site, including no-line progressives and photo chromatics (get darker in the sun) lenses. The lens material is light, thin, and durable.

Your lenses are "built" right here, which gives us better control over the entire process. Many prescriptions can be filled in one or two days. Some can be filled the same day. Some can be filled while you wait.



With so many to chose from -- thin lenses, high index lenses, hyper index lenses -- let us help you make the right choice for your prescription, your frames and your lifestyle.

  • Polarized lenses - Squint no longer! Not just a sunglass, but these filtered lenses eliminate glare that reflects off of all outdoor surfaces. No more snow blindness or eye burn at the lake.
  • Anti-Reflective Filter - A 13-layered coating that will eliminate virtually all optical reflection and glare. Make your night driving safer and your computer screen clearer. You'll look more natural and your lenses will look almost invisible.
  • Photo Chromatic Lenses - One pair of glasses and your house keys is all you'll need when wearing the lenses that change from almost clear indoors, to darker outdoors. They are available in plastic, glass and polycarbonate, single vision as well as progressive lenses.
  • Polycarbonate Lenses - The strongest off all the optical lenses and recommended by the FDA for sports and safety. Think about your lifestyle needs and ask if these are missing from your wardrobe?
  • No-Line Bifocals - Our Progressive "No Line" bifocals have a wider peripheral range and a smoother blend between the different powers within the lens. We will fit you with the best technology has to offer.