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Are you settling for contact lenses that come off an assembly line?

Each and every cornea is completely unique -- yet there are people out there wearing soft contacts that are virtually ONE SIZE FITS ALL! The only way to ensure your contacts are helping you achieve natural vision is to get a uniquely designed, custom-fit lens to match the individual shape of your cornea.

It's the latest in cutting-edge technology and we have it!

The lens fit by Dr. Collins is a completely customized soft or rigid contact lens that contours to every unique curve of your one-of-a-kind cornea. How else can optimum vision be achieved if not with the exact and precise fit that your cornea requires for natural vision?

Your eyes are uniquely yours. See the world clearly. Experience the difference with custom-made vision!

   Step 1: Comprehensive eye and visual analysis

   Step 2: Evaluation of your eyesight and cornea

   Step 3: Corneal topography computerized mapping

   Step 4: Choices that fit your lifestyle


The technology behind the bifocal soft contact lens is amazing! So far the only bifocal contact lenses that offer crisp and clear vision in both eyes for both far and near have been rigid lenses. All of the soft bifocal lenses available today, in Dr. Collins' opinion and experience, have ranged from insufficient to barely passable -- vision is virtually always compromised.

Finally, there is a new bifocal soft lens patterned after the successful rigid designs that really work. It is totally comfortable and will give superb vision for both far and near, as well as for computer distance. We are now fitting the new custom soft bifocal contact lens.

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Can you imagine the joy of waking up in the morning and being able to see without the aid of glasses or daily wear contacts?

Gentle Molding™ (corneal reshaping, Ortho-k) is a revolutionary non-surgical therapeutic contact lens based treatment modality that improves your vision while you sleep. Just one night of wearing the therapeutic lenses can dramatically improve vision. GM is safe, effective and best of all non-surgical.

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